Coach Colette, DVO

Coach Colette Lasley, Director of Volleyball Operations

Colette, a lifelong athlete, grew up in Virginia Beach playing softball, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and playing the violin. She also took up gymnastics for a short time and did theatre in high school. Colette loves to be around people and has never been content with standing still.

As an adult, she studied historical fencing/sword fighting for seven years. During that time, she became proficient enough to begin coaching others new to the art.

In 2021, Colette came to No Panic first as an adult player new to volleyball and later as our Director of Communications. She feels she can understand the frustrations young athletes go through with learning a new sport as she has passed through the stages of learning with fencing, helped others through those stages as a fencing coach, and has experienced them again with volleyball. She is a big proponent of mental and physical health and how they impact performance, having struggled with both in the past.

Colette Lasley

Director of Volleyball Operations

Coaching Experience

  • 2022-2023 Head Coach 12s girls club team, No Panic Volleyball
  • 2022-2023 Assistant Coach 16s girls club team, No Panic Volleyball
  • 2023 Setting Progressions, No Panic Volleyball
  • Historical rapier (fencing) coach, SCA

Playing Experience

  • No Panic 2021-2022 Women's Club Team
  • Active indoor/beach player in NOVA region
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