Coach Alex, Performance Trainer

Alex Laszlo

Meet Alex Laszlo, a passionate Athletic Performance Coach from Woodbridge, VA, specializing in elevating athletes' performance and building fatigue resistance. Alex began his fitness journey at 15, dedicating eight years to enhancing his own sports performance. Looking ahead, his vision is clear - to help athletes secure scholarships, opening doors for their future success. Join Alex on a journey where expertise meets a genuine commitment to athlete development.


Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, Alex has studied and implemented principles of athletic training for four years, complemented by seven months of focused personal training.


Coach Alex believes that training should be a harmonious blend of fun, sustainability, and effectiveness. His philosophy centers around ensuring that athletes not only excel in their pursuits but also find joy in the process of becoming elite.


Aside from his prowess on the volleyball court, Alex is a sprinter, showcasing his versatility and athleticism across various domains.

Alex Laszlo

Performance Trainer

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