15yo-Adult Rating System

Our 5.0 high school-adult rating system is used in both our leagues and some of our open plays to keep the level of play consistent across courts. Please use the below key to self-rate yourself. This rating is subject to review by No Panic Directors and Staff and you may be re-rated if we see a signficant discrepancy impacting gameplay.

Break Down

0.0 Brand new to volleyball

0.5 Understands basic concepts of volleyball: serving, 3 touch rule, in and out. Needs refinement on technique and transitions. Zero knowledge of formation other than the 6-6 formation. 

1.0 RECREATIONAL PLAYER: Has experience playing in a 6-6 formation. Experience playing open gym volleyball, but needs knowledge on running plays, offensive and defensive strategies. 

1.5 RECREATIONAL PLAYER 1.5: understands 6-6 formations. Has played recreational leagues and open gym style of volleyball. Strong fundamentals of volleyballs, but needs an understanding of strategies and team play. Passes a 1.0 serve receive and keeps ball in play via freeballs and downballs. 

2.0 COMPETITIVE PLAYER: Pass 1.3 serve receive,  freeballs 50/50, has played competitive volleyball at the high school level. Understands basic concept of a standing float serve. 

2.5 COMPETITIVE PLAYER: Pass 1.5 serve receive, freeballs 30/70, has played club volleyball at the high school level. Understands concepts of the standing float serve and jump float serve.  Can spot serve and hit balls to zones 1 and 5 consistently. 

3.0 Strong volleyball IQ and court awareness, competed high school level, club volleyball, club college, vertical ability to block and hit, strong knowledge of 6-6, 4-2, 6-2, 5-1, Solid Technique in all areas of volleyball.High school club, college club and college team, competed in USAV tournaments and finishes in the top half of tournaments

3.5 Strong volleyball IQ and can read defenses and create offensive strategies, strong hitting control, understand all basic volleyball rotations, Special: setters have the ability to set to pins and jump set. Middles can run quicks and other plays. High school club, college club and college team, competed in USAV tournaments and finishes in the top half of tournaments. 

4.0 EX COLLEGE Players of all divisions 

4.5  DIVISION 1 College players from top US programs 

5.0  PRO

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