Girls Club Season Information


This year, we are proud to have the following teams for junior girls: 11U, 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s (2), 16s, and 17s.

How long is the season?

  • 12s - 17s Girls: Mid-November 2022 - May 2023
  • 11s Girls: Mid-January - May 2023


  • 11s Team: $900
  • $400 commitment fee, $125 monthly payments Jan-May
  • 12s Team: $1,720
  • $400 commitment fee, $220 monthly payments Dec-May
  • 13s Team: $2,700
  • $900 commitment fee, $300 monthly payments Dec-May
  • 14s Team: $3,700
  • $900 commitment fee, $466.67 monthly payments Dec-May
  • 15s Team: $4,450
  • $900 commitment fee, $591.67 monthly payments Dec-May
  • 16s Team: $4,450
  • $900 commitment fee, $591.67 monthly payments Dec-May
  • 17s Team: $4,450
  • $900 commitment fee, $591.67 monthly payments Dec-May

Costs Include

  • Free access to drop-in clinics
  • Free court use during off-peak hours
  • Free open gyms
  • Tournament registration fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Coach stipends
  • Equipment & court costs

Not Included

  • Uniform package & gear (reusable each year, estimated $300 package)
  • Travel and lodging fees
  • Additional, unallotted tournaments (such as nationals)
  • Conditioning/Performance Training **available as an add on

Community Service/Service Hours

Because we believe in building a complete athlete, our club and teams individually participate in community service projects. In addition, there are also opportunities for club players to earn service hours:


  • 11s: Mondays/Wednesdays
  • 12s: Mondays/Wednesdays
  • 13s: Mondays/Wednesdays
  • 14s: Mondays/Wednesdays
  • 15s: Mondays/Wednesdays
  • 16s: Tuesdays/Thursdays
  • 17s: Tuesdays/Thursdays


11U: 2-3 total, local

12s: 4-5 total, mostly local

13 & 14: 1-2/month, local or mostly local

15 & Up: 2-ish/month, local and travel

** Two-day tournaments count as two tournaments

Tournaments will be composed of multi-day tournaments and local tournaments under USAV, AAU and/or JVA sanctions. Local tournaments include Maryland and D.C.

15-18s will attend local tournaments as well as the following if accepted (tentative):

  • MD MLK Challenge (Maryland)
  • Capitol Hill Classic (D.C.)
  • MAPL (York, PA)
  • Virginia Beach Tournaments
  • Pittsburgh or Richmond Tournaments
  • AAU Nationals (if the team qualifies/optional)

What happens if my child doesn't make the team?

No Panic is dedicated to promoting ongoing improvement. As such, we are allowing the tryout fee to be applied towards programs with us before December 31, 2022.

Team Coaches

11s Co-Head Coach

Emily Cator

11s Co-Head Coach

Mariam E

11s Assistant Coach

Max Leon

12s Head Coach

Colette Lasley

12s Assistant COACH

Lana Partosan

12s Assistant Coach

Amelia Ehlers

13s Head Coach

Delaine Jeffreys

13s Assistant Coach

Aranje Sripanjalingam

13s Assistant Coach

Nicole Vigna

13s Assistant Coach

Luke Vibal

14s Head Coach

Rachel Merino

14s Volunteer Assistant Coach

Natnael "Nate" Haileselassie

15s Black Widows Head Coach

Chris Le


Deanne Draeger

15s Assistant Coach

Kirsten Ngo

15s Panthers Head Coach

Buck Blackburn


Jenna Leventry

15s Assistant Coach

Kylie Gines

16s Head Coach

Alan Aranas


Colette Lasley


Natnael "Nate" Haileselassie

17s Head Coach

Sasha Sampson

17s Assistant Coach

Aranje Sripanjalingam

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