Service Hours for Junior Players

Building A Complete Player

At No Panic, we believe in building a complete, well-rounded player. We know that many education programs require students to serve a certain amount of service hours to their community. These service hours build life skills such as social awareness, patience, empathy, and increased self confidence. Community service gives students the opportunity to work with a variety of diverse people and backgrounds and reduces stress levels and anxiety.

Little Spikers is our elementary years program focusing on children ages 6-10 new to volleyball. Our Pink Shirt Academy program is our middle years program specific to children ages 11-15. Members of our club teams will have the opportunity to assist these programs while earning service hours. In addition, players who volunteer will be taught volleyball technique and strategy from a coach's perspective and will have the opportunity to teach it to the next generation of volleyball lovers. Learning by teaching is a powerful method players can use to improve their understanding of the game while fostering empathy and self growth.

At the end of the season, those who have shown a passion for coaching and learning while displaying a strong work ethic may be asked to return during the summer to assist us in our summer programs as a paid Junior Assistant Coach. We believe in rewarding hard work and are excited to be able to offer this opportunity this season.

Why volunteer at No Panic?

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Earn service hours for school
  • Improve yourself as a player by learning how a coach thinks and specifics on technique
  • Work towards coaching with us over the summer as a Junior Assistant Coach

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities are only open to our junior club members 14 or older. You can find these opportunities by going to the Volunteer section of your account on our website, or click below:

More Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get credit for my service hours?

We know each school may be different. If you have a form you'd like for us to fill out once your service hours are completed, you can talk to our coaches about completing it. If you need us to write a letter for you, we are also happy to do so.

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