Reverse Co-ed 4 vs 4 League

Introducing the No Panic Co-ed Adult League!!

For a team to be eligible to play they must first submit the captain's contact information, a Team name, and a roster with the names of all the players who are on the team during registration. The team must also ensure all players submit waivers.



  • There is no maximum to how many players there are on the roster but a $30 fee will be applied for each person after the 7th position on the team has been filled. 

OR $50/free agent (put Free Agent as your team name)


No Panic Manassas (7410 Merritt Park Dr, Suite 100, Manassas, VA 20109)



April 16 - June 25, Sunday evenings

PLAYOFFS are June 25

all games will be between 5-7PM

* No league May 14 (Mother's Day), & Memorial Day weekend


July 9 - September 10

PLAYOFFS are September 10

all games will be between 5-7PM

* No games Sept 3/Labor Day Weekend

Team Makeup

Co-ed 6s – Each team must consist of a minimum of 6 players. 6 players, 3 males and 3 females must compete on each side. A team may play with a minimum of 5 players, but must play a minimum of two females. If a team has fewer than these minimums, the game will be forfeited.


No Panic provides the following equipment: nets, boundary, attack lines, one Volleyball and score keeping equipment for each game. 


There will be a referee managing game play, start time and end time.

Game Length

Each match will last 60 minutes. Teams will play best of 3 games within that time allotment. If there is time left over, teams may continue to play for fun. If time runs out, games will end with the current score. Stoppage of play will be determined by the referee, at the end of the point.


April 16:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Blazing Ghost Reapers
  • 6PM Panic Attack vs Free Agents

April 23:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Panic Attack
  • 6PM Free Agents vs Blazing Ghost Reapers

April 30:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Free Agents
  • 6PM Blazing Ghost Reapers vs Panic Attack

May 7:

  • 5PM Free Agents vs Panic Attack
  • 6PM Old and Cold Boba vs Blazing Ghost Reapers

May 21:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Panic Attack
  • 6PM Blazing Ghost Reapers vs Free Agents

June 4:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Free Agents
  • 6PM Blazing Ghost Reapers vs Panic Attack

June 11:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Blazing Ghost Reapers
  • 6PM Panic Attack vs Free Agents

June 18:

  • 5PM Old and Cold Boba vs Panic Attack
  • 6PM Blazing Ghost Reapers vs Free Agents


Game Rules

Where No Panic rules do not address an issue, USA Volleyball rules will be used as a default set of rules. Click here for the Official USA Volleyball Rulebook.

  • Co-ed 6s - A woman must hit the ball before it is returned over the net, if the ball is hit more than once. A gender fault will occur (side out) if this transpires.
  • The volleyball is “in” and the point will be awarded to the proper team, when it contacts the ground of the playing court including the boundary lines.
  • The volleyball is “out” and the point will be awarded to the proper team, when it contacts the ground completely outside the boundary line or touches any object outside the court.
  • Teams may only hit the volleyball a maximum of three times (in addition to blocking) for returning the ball.
  • A player may break the plane on a spike and a block, as long as they do not interfere with the opponent’s attempt of a returning shot.
  • The volleyball must be hit, not caught and thrown.
  • The volleyball may touch the net as it goes over.
  • No receiving player may block a serve or attack a serve above the plane of the net.
  • A volleyball driven into the net may be recovered within the limits of the three hits, except on the service.
  • Players must rotate clockwise through each rotation.
  • Substitution will be made in between points.
  • Players can only substitute with another player of the same gender. 
  • Each team will have one 30 second timeout per game.
  • After each game, teams will switch sides.
  • The Libero is allowed as long as the Libero is playing back row for a same gendered player. 
  • “Ghost Rule” can be applied where you may play with a 'hole' due to a missing player.


  • The volleyball is hit outside of the boundaries.
  • A player has contact with the net.
  • A team hits the volleyball four times.
  • A player hitting the ball two times consecutively (does not apply to a block then a hit by the same player).
  • A player touches the ball or an opponent in the opponent’s space before or during the opponents hit.
  • A carry, lift, or throw.
  • Not using a female on one of the three hits, unless the volleyball goes over on the first hit.
  • An illegal rotation occurs.



  • Teams will play each match best of 3 sets. Each game will be played to 25 points.
  • Teams must have a 2 points advantage to win, with a cap of 29 points (teams may win by a 1 point advantage when 29 points is achieved).
  • All games will be rally scoring (points will be awarded to either the serving or receiving team).



  • Co-ed 6s - If a team cannot court at least 5 players with a minimum of 2 females, they automatically forfeit.
  • If a team cannot court a team 20 minutes into the match start time, they automatically forfeit.
  • Teams forfeiting two matches of play in one season are eligible to be removed from the league with no refund.
  • Teams that forfeit their third match of play will automatically be removed from the league with no refund. Teams are encouraged to contact No Panic’s office to inform us you will be forfeiting 24 hours in advance.



1. Wins / Losses

2. Head-to-Head

3. Game Differential

4. Coin Flip

Definition of Co-ed/Co-ed Play

Coed teams consist of three men and three women. The players must be arranged on the court with the genders alternating. At no time can any coed team play with four women and two men—even if one woman is designated as a man. In coed, whenever there is more than one contact on a side, a woman must contact the ball. The block is not considered a contact.

Playing with Five: According to USAV rules (9.1.1), a team is comprised of at least six players. USAV declares a team incomplete and therefore not eligible for play with fewer than six players. However, for recreational play they allow teams to play with five players. A team with fewer than five players constitutes an incomplete team. Men’s and women’s teams start with “the hole” in middle back. The hole does not rotate and there is no loss of service. In coed, “the hole” starts at middle back, it rotates through the positions, and there is a loss of service when “the hole” is due to serve. Under some circumstances when both teams cannot field a team, the teams may agree to play game one with the players they have. The missing players may be added as the game progresses and each team must agree to accept the outcome. After game one is complete, the captains and referee will confer to determine if game two should be forfeited if one or both teams still do not have a complete team or if the teams are agreeable to continuing. Both teams must agree!! (See substitutions and coed blocking for other rules concerning playing with five.)

Substitutions: Teams with more than six players have three options:

1) They may rotate their players in through service. They may not skip a player or that player may not re-enter the game. Teams may not rotate around the setters;

2) They may do a one- for-one substitution (i.e. player A may replace player B, then player B replace player A in the same game—see the referee for clarification.); or

3) The extra player(s) may choose to sit out a game.

When a team is playing with five and the sixth player arrives, there are different rules that apply to coed versus men’s and women’s. In coed, the captain should request a substitution and the player enters the game where “the hole” is. In men’s and women’s, a player may only enter the game once the team has rotated back to its original line up. The player will then enter at the middle back position. This is done because in men’s and women’s there is no loss of service.

Blocking in Coed: In coed, when there are two women on the front line, a team may bring a man up to the front row to block ONLY. This player may not put the ball over the net in anyway except as a block while any part of the ball is above the plane of the net. Bumping or rolling the ball over the net when the ball is below the plane of the net is acceptable. Teams may not exchange one man for another when there are two men on the front row. Nor, can they exchange a shorter woman for a taller woman to block at any time in coed. When a team is playing with two men only and the hole is one of two men on the front row, the team may not bring the other man up to block. That would be on par with switching men or having three men on the front row.

Discipline: The referee will issue warnings to players who are aggressive or who argue excessively with the referee. The first warning may be verbal and the referee will issue a yellow card. If the player continues with the offensive behavior, the referee will issue a red card, resulting in a point to the opposing team and loss of service. If this behavior continues, a red and yellow card will be issued togehter, which ejects that player from the game. Physical violence will result in management intervention and possible long-term ejection from the facility.


Every player must complete the Player Registration Form prior to the first scheduled game of the season. Any team that has not submitted all of their player waivers by that time will have its scheduled games declared a “forfeit” until all waiver forms are received. If a player fails to submit their online player waiver & release waiver form, all liability and legal issues will be the responsibility of the team captain. Fairfax Athletics will not be responsible for players that do not submit an online player waiver & release form. 


Players may be listed only on one team’s roster per season throughout that league night. For a player to be considered “playoff eligible” (eligible to participate in the playoffs), he/she must be listed on a team’s roster and must have played in a minimum of two regular season games for that particular team.

Code of Conduct

1. Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game.

2. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and No Panic staff.

3. Respect your opponent and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match whether in victory or defeat.

4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control.

5. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language.


No Panic reserves the right to suspend any player at any time for unsportsmanlike conduct, violation of any rules, for failure to pay appropriate dues or for being disruptive, without any refund. Any team wishing to suspend any member for just reasons, must do so on their own, and provide No Panic a written reason as to why. Again, no refunds will be issued. At the discretion of No Panic, any member suspended may not in the future be allowed to participate in any further No Panic events.

Spring 2023


8 weeks of league games + PLAYOFFS!

Summer 2023 *CANCELLED*


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