Coach Kareem, 16S/15s Boys Assistant Coach

Coach Kareem adds a multinational perspective to his coaching, having grown up in Dubai, UAE, Beirut, Lebanon, and now Leesburg, Virginia.

His coaching philosophy highlights volleyball's diversity, welcoming players of various heights and athletic abilities. He emphasizes the significance of thinking, cooperation, and communication while acknowledging the game's ever-changing nature.

For Coach Kareem, volleyball is more than just a sport; it's a source of boundless happiness and satisfaction. His enduring love for the game has propelled him from a casual start in 10th grade to becoming a dedicated player and coach.


  • Exposure to high-level players, including Jenia Grebennikov
  • GMU's club president and treasurer
  • Balances coaching and playing duties


  • 4 years of focused volleyball experience
  • Started competitive journey five years ago
  • Valuable libero for George Mason University's Men's Club Volleyball team for the past 4 semesters

Kareem Youssif

16S/15S Boys Assistant Coach

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