Coach Erika, 13s Girls Assistant Coach

Coach Erika Jones

Coach Erika is a passionate and dedicated volleyball coach from Plainfield, New Jersey. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University as well as a Master of Arts in Public Health Biology from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins.

She began playing volleyball because she aspired to be like the volleyball players she watched in the 2008 Olympics. She was inspired by their agility, skill, and teamwork.

Coach Erika wanted to become a coach to assist athletes in realizing their full potential and being the best players they can be. Volleyball, she says, can teach players valuable life values such as collaboration, perseverance, and sportsmanship. Erika is dedicated to providing a pleasant and supportive atmosphere for her athletes to learn and flourish.

Erika Jones

13s Assistant Coach


Erika has coached DC Fray volleyball, which is a competitive adult volleyball league in Washington, DC. She has also coached various youth volleyball teams and camps in the Plainfield area. She is also well-known for her upbeat and inspiring coaching style, as well as her ability to help players of all levels improve their skills.


Coach Erika played as a setter in high school at Plainfield High School. She was a team captain and a two-time all-conference selection. She also participated in collegiate club volleyball at Johns Hopkins University.


Erika enjoys traveling, dancing, and spending quality time with friends. She is also a big fan of the New York Yankees and the New Jersey Devils.


Erika's coaching attitude is "Don't Quit." She believes that all athletes have the capacity to be successful if they work hard and never give up. She also emphasizes the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.


Erika's vision for the future is to become a doctor and continue coaching volleyball. She wants to use her education and experience to help players reach their full potential, both on and off the court.


Coach Erika is a twin sister!

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