Coach Mo, PT

Coach Mo Qader, Physical Trainer

Coach Mohammad Qader, a.k.a. Mo, has studied intense athletic performance and weight training for approximately four years. During the pandemic, Coach Mo has engulfed his performance training focus towards the techniques to train volleyball athletes. On a personal level, Coach Mo does in depth volleyball skills and performance training. With his knowledge of weightlifting and injury prevention, he’s been able to improve his own performance on the court. With all of his new found knowledge, Coach Mo would like to share with each of you. 

No Panic: How did you get into performance training? 

Coach Mo: I got into performance training after being asked questions like: "How do I jump higher?", "How do I strengthen my joints?", "How can I be more conditioned on the court?", "How do I hit harder?". Having figured these questions out by undergoing intense training for the past year, I am here to spread my wealth and knowledge.

No Panic: What is your favorite part of being a trainer?

Coach Mo: My favorite part about being a performance trainer is seeing the progress and accomplishments of the athletes who work under me. 

No Panic: What are some of your biggest accomplishments as a trainer?

Coach Mo: After working with one of my good friends for a couple of weeks on his knee and shoulder pain, the most satisfying thing I heard from him was, "I played an entire tournament with no pain!"

No Panic: What are your goals for people you train?

Coach Mo: My plan to increase the performance of the athletes who train under me is to have them NEVER work through pain. Maintaining a delicate balance between muscle and joint is my number one goal. Athletes that train with me should expect to undergo joint strengthening, agility and jump training, and overall conditioning.

Mohammad Qader

Physical Trainer

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